Roma Earrings

Fine silver medallions, molded from an antique button, are decorated with a rich mix of gemstones - warm caramel brown tigers eye, crimson red garnet and gold metallic pyrite. Sterling silver ear posts.

  • Stone: tigers eye, garnet, pyrite
  • Metal: fine silver, sterling silver
  • Patina: oxidized
  • Length: 1.5 inches from post to end of gem cascade (1.75 total overall length)

About the process - I made a mold of an antique button and used it to create the silver medallions in fine silver that I torch fired by hand.  I added a little texture to the silver to help give the earrings an aged feel.  The silver was then darkly oxidized and then hand buffed on the raised areas only for added depth.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the medallion shapes so that I could add cascades of hand wrapped gemstones in a rich mix of gold, warm brown and crimson red hues (pyrite, tigers eye and garnet).  The earrings hang from the ear via sterling silver posts that I soldered onto the backs of the medallions after the final sanding and smoothing.  Sterling silver ear nuts are included.