Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

October 23, 2013

I just love turquoise..especially when it's paired with the warmth of gold.  Some of the loveliest turquoise I've seen lately comes from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.  I was lucky enough to score two beautiful sky blue pairs of Sleeping Beauty turquoise drops earlier this year and spent part of last weekend wrapping them up into earrings. 

Avril Earrings
Sleeping Beauty turquoise and 14k gold fill

Peyton Earrings
Sleeping Beauty turquoise, 14k gold fill, and sterling silver

Can you believe that I had forgotten about these drops?  Me too.  I was so happy to find them while sorting through my stones Friday night.  They are way too pretty to be sitting in a box!  

Either pair of earrings would make a lovely gift for someone with a birthday in December - turquoise is one of the December birthstones.  But who wouldn't get excited to receive a lovely pair of turquoise earrings any time of the year?!