Phoenix. Ombre gemstone earrings.

March 09, 2014

I'm so very happy with the way these earrings turned out!  I've been working on them for a couple of days and finally finished them yesterday.  I thought I would share a sneak peek before they are listed in the shop on Monday.

I bought the vintage posts about a month ago and have been toying around with design ideas since then.  The idea behind the design I settled on was that the drop and cascades should be an extension of the tail feathers of the posts.  I also wanted to create an ombre effect.  I choose large forest green quartz drops and topped them with cascades of gemstones that move from warm yellows and oranges (carnelian, peach moonstone, orange garnet, citrine, lemon quartz) into yellow green and green with a blue undertone (prehnite, green sapphire) into cool deep blue (iolite).  

I can't wait to see who these lovelies end up belonging too!