Emmy. Red and navy blue.

February 24, 2014

Its been very busy around the studio the last couple of months.  I've got a few secret projects that I can't reveal until later this year - so excited and can't wait to share!  What I can share is that I am learning bezel setting - yay! - and in between sawing, soldering, and filing, I'm working on new pieces for the shop.  

This is a piece that I'm very excited to share this week - 

Meet Emmy!  I've had these fabulous red topaz drops for some time now.  I've bounced a couple of ideas around about how I would use them but nothing really stuck until last week. Earlier this year I saw a color palette someone had posted online (sorry!  I can't remember where I saw it) that mixed navy blue and red with a few other colors.  Although I can't remember the other colors in the palette, the navy blue and red stayed at the back of my mind.  Last week as I was going through my supplies, I ran across the red topaz drops and thought why not?  I pulled together a mix of gemstones - navy blue iolite, berry red garnet, warm brown and olive green andalusite, and golden pyrite - and the design fell together.  I love when that happens!