Fordite aka Detroit or Motor Agate

February 19, 2014

I found this lovely drop of fordite in my supplies stash this past weekend.  I can't believe I had forgotten it!

Fordite (also knows as Detroit agate or Motor agate) was created back in the old days when big automotive factories hand spray-painted car bodies.  As it was sprayed, the enamel paint would build up in layers upon the tracks and skids underneath the car bodies.  The car bodies (tracks and skids) would then be moved into large ovens to cure the paint.  Layer upon layer of gorgeous color would build up until it became obstructing or too heavy and then it would be removed.  Some keen eyed workers recognized the potential in this beautiful material - lucky us!  

Fordite comes in a gorgeous unique array of patterns and colors.  You can find more about this amazing material at  

The lovely drop in these pictures will be making its way into a necklace sometime soon!