My newest rescue cat: Pumpkinhead

November 10, 2013

Meet Pumpkinhead, my newest rescue cat.

Like my other rescue kitties, this one was dumped on our road one night.  I saw him around several times up and down the road.  I tried to approach him a couple of times, but he was too frightened. One morning I heard a big commotion coming from the back porch; I went to investigate and found him under the porch with a severely injured leg.  I'm pretty sure he was hit by a car.  After an even bigger commotion, I was able to get him out from under the porch and begin the process of getting him back to health.

Six months later, he is fully recovered and ready to be photographed.  He's still a little shy of strangers but once he trusts you, he is the most sweet and affectionate cat you ever met.  He'll be joining my menagerie of barn cats - he's here to stay.